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How to Buy(Maternal and Child Health Handbook )

We sell the maternity record of eight languages.
It is also shown in the two languages ​​of the record page handbook based on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

One book of price ¥880(Tax included)
Postage ¥440(Tax included) ※Shipping will take separately.


How to Buy

You can purchase it using the payment slip you have placed in the post office.
We will ship the goods once we confirm payment.
It usually takes one to three days until payment is to confirm.

Entry example



The video series “Parenting in Japan” give you the information about giving birth and raising your child in Japan for foreign residents.

Series 1: Parenting chart for foreign residents

Series 2: What is the Maternal and Child health handbook (Boshi Techo)?

Series 3: Home visit to mother and child

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